Borges Vinho Verde Estate - Quinta de Simaens

Quinta de Simaens is in Felgueiras, in the very heart of the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region. This 46-hectare property exudes the close intertwining of nature and the labours of humankind. The particularity of its soil, the climate, the regional grape varieties and the vine-growing methods, make Quinta de Simaens quite unique in the region. The influence of the Atlantic Ocean can be seen in the freshness of the wines produced here.

We produce some of our best Vinho Verde wines here, in a highly distinctive terroir that is characterised by hillside vineyards, now over 30 years old, planted in schist-clay soil that doesn’t need to be watered. The recently installed Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Production Unit – UPAC represents one of the first ecological steps that we have taken towards sustainability.

Borges Borges Quinta De Simaens Branco White Wine

Produced solely in one territory, this wine has its roots in traditions that made the region famous.

Region | Vinho Verde Demarcated Region – Quinta de Simaens
Grape Varieties | Loureiro, Pedernã, Avesso, Alvarinho and Trajadura.

Appearance | Clear with a citrine colour.
Aroma | Intense, young and fresh aroma marked by a citrus and tropical notes, such as lemon, passion fruit and lychee, enveloped by floral nuances of roses.
Taste | In the mouth it is elegant, full-bodied and with an excellent volume, balanced by its good acidity, giving it an unique freshness and a set of great persistence.

Borges Alvarinho

Wine produced from Alvarinho, a noble Portuguese grape variety.

Region | Vinho Verde Demarcated Region – Monção and Melgaço Sub-region.
Grape Varieties | Alvarinho.

Appearance | Clear and greenish citrus color.
Aroma | Fresh and complex aroma, highlighted by citrus and tropical notes, such as passion fruit, involved by nuances of lemon verbena and peppermint.
Taste | In the mouth it is intense and young, with an excellent acidity that gives it freshness and longevity.

Borges AT (Alvarinho Trajadura)

AT – Alvarinho Trajadura is a delicate and harmonious wine. The ideal combination between complexity and freshness.

Region | Vinho Verde Demarcated Region – Sousa Sub-region.
Grape Varieties | Alvarinho and Trajadura.

Appearance | Clear with a citrine colour.
Aroma | Young and intense aroma, marked by a fresh and floral character of roses, peppermint and lemon balm notes, involved by tropical nuances of passion fruit.
Taste | In the mouth it has good volume and very young flavour with its acidity giving it a long and persistent finish.

Gatão Branco Vinho Verde Green Wine

Gatão combines freshness and youth, in a light profile that makes it the ambassador of Portuguese wines throughout the world.

Region | Vinho Verde Demarcated Region.
Grape Varieties | Azal, Pedernã, Trajadura, Avesso and Loureiro.
Appearance | Clear, light yellow. Slightly petillant.
Aroma | Young and fruity.
Taste | Delicate and smooth, fresh and fruity. It is medium-dry wine to be drunk young.
Additional Information | Available in bottles of 750 ml and 750 ml “cantil” bottle.